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In 2003, Arthur was only 14 and was given his first pair of Selvedge jeans. This simple gift will gave a direction to his life as he would never stop researching into denim until it became a real obsession.

After sleepless nights of reading on the subject and always digging for rarer pieces, Arthur the rookie became a master in his field.

In order to achieve a part of his dream, Arthur decided on October 16th 2016 to buy  a chainstitch hemmimg machine Union Special 43200 G from the 40’s in order to recreate the original hemmings including the so coveted « roping effect ».

This machine soon became his lucky charm and Superstitch was born….

A few months later, he decided to go a step further, and bought a vintage Singer to offer a global denim care service including repairs and tailoring.

Machine Union Special 43200G-2 used by Superstitch Paris
Machine Super Stich Paris, an Union Special 43200G-2 for a perfect chainstitch hemming

The machine we use at Superstitch for hemming, the Union Special 43200 G, was originally used in the levis’ factories in the 40’s/70’s. It has been out of production since the 80’s. The goal is to reproduce the quality of the best denim years.


The particularity of this rare and strong machine, is to re-create the famous “roping” effect as the jeans wear. The machine has in fact a defect that twists the fabric while hemming. This twist, that looks like a rope, will become more apparent with washes and wear.


Most of the hems we see today are made from modern machines that do not have this defect anymore and will not create the roping effect


As for the tailoring, we propose repairs of all kinds (holes, cuts, etc…) so you can keep your favorite jeans forever. We also propose refits, always from the inseam for a perfect shape, both made on a beautiful vintage Singer machine.


Finally, you can give us your jeans to be washed and ironed. We will use the specially developed SuperStitch detergent that we also propose for sale.


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